EntoPrint prints multiple copies of an Entomology label for which you type the information only once. Whether you want 100 labels or 10,000, EntoPrint will set them up in columns at whatever size and scale you prefer.

If you are like most entomologists, you have been typing labels in your word processor, copying and pasting text, aligning the paragraphs into 6 or 7 columns on a page, and choosing 4 or 5 point type output on your laser printer. This works fine if you have 25 different labels with 10 or 15 of each label. But, if you need 250, 500, or 1000 identical labels, this soon becomes a BIG CHORE. This is why EntoPrint was developed -- to save time and make it easier for entomologists and anyone else that needs to create multiple copies of a single piece of information in a label format.

You can use EntoPrint to print locality pin labels, vial labels, determination labels, address labels, and so on.

Purchase license

EntoPrint is available through the Mac App Store. Quantity discounts and site-licenses are also available.  If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail entoprint@todcunningham.com